Thursday, March 10, 2016

party's over

When Satan attacks you right where its personal. When he knows exactly how to shake you up. What do you do?
It's so much easier living inside of our comfort zones. It has taken me years to climb out of mine, and here lately I want to crawl back inside. But on the inside of our comfort zones, is a selfish place. A place where no one else is allowed to enter. On the outside it is a vulnerable place. A place where you are exposed. A place where you open yourself up without knowing what you will get in return. As a Christian, it's the place where we leap out and trust that God will catch us, protect us and guide us. It's breaking through what is uncomfortable to find comfort. It's putting our pride down to serve others. It's loving people without knowing if you'll be loved back, and if you're not, it's still okay. It's going out of your way for someone you don't even know. It's hugging a broken soul and reminding them that God loves them.
It's being nervous.
It's being embarrassed.
It's getting hurt.
It's being fulfilled.
It's being Jesus with skin on.
It's giving life.
It's SO much more than just living for ourselves. Yet, it feels safe in our comfort zone because we control and protect it. We control who we allow in. We control what we do with those feelings inside it. 
God is still with us in our comfort zones and he won't force us to leave it. He will love us and protect us there, but what about those around us that need to feel that same love and protection?
It took Jesus getting out of his comfort zone for me and you so we would know of his love and salvation.  
It took him being vulnerable and exposed. Do we ever think that Jesus was nervous? Do we ever think he felt embarrassed being physically exposed before hundreds of people whom he was going out of HIS way for?
What if. What if Jesus stayed in his comfort zone? What if he rejected those people who constantly came up to him for help because he was "comfortable?"
As I was sulking in my own pity the lyrics of this song popped in my mind. God has called me/us higher, and deeper than any place my/our comfort zones could ever take us. Going back inside is well, going backwards. If you're like me, I spent WAY too much time trying to get out of my comfort zone that allowing the enemy to try and contain me there again is not an option.
So what do you do? First off, shut that pity party down. Keep those walls down and guard your heart and mind with the word.
And keep doing, or maybe start doing what you know you are called to do.
And I could be safe
I could be safe here in Your arms and never leave home
Never let these walls down
But you have called me higher
You have called me deeper
And I will go where you will lead me Lord
You have called me higher
You have called me deeper
And I will go where you lead me Lord
Where you lead me
Where you lead me Lord
{Called Me Higher - All Sons and Daughters}

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