Monday, January 11, 2016

modern day queen's

Courage: the ability to do something that frightens one.

The ability - that word is important! How many times do we not do something because we don't think we can. The definition of courage is THE ability, in other words THE I can to your I can't. The story of Esther is all about courage and the perfect time and place God placed her in. 

Esther was chosen by the king of that day to be one of several women that were basically trying out to be the queen. For 12 months, they were gifted all the make up a girl could want (literally), plus perfumes. Anything that would make a girl feel like a million bucks. The king loved Esther and found her more favorable over all of the other women. Esther could have used this to her own personal advantage and lived only for herself. But, she didn't.

Esther was a Jew, (the king did not know this), and a hated group at the time because they would not follow the Kings orders - they refused to go against God's law. Word came to Esther that there was a massacre in place to kill her people. Esther understood that God had appointed her as queen and she had to do something. 

Esther 4:14, Esther's Uncle told her: "If you keep quiet at a time like this, deliverance and relief for the Jews will arise from some other place, but you and your relatives will die. Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this?"

Wherever you are in life. Whatever struggles your dealing with. Whatever frustrations, confusions, scares, whatever it is. God has appointed you for such a time as this. God has given you the courage you need to take care of the situation(s) in front of you. Esther didn't want to talk to the king because she was afraid she would die, or that her family would. Sometimes we don't want to confront the issues around us because we are afraid of the outcome. Maybe it's a relationship, maybe it's the future, maybe it's school, life, etc. 

Courage is the ability to do something. When Esther faced the king with her situation, he rescued her and her people. He didn't kill her, or hurt her. Satan will try to discourage you from whatever it is you are needing to do or take care of. If you don't exercise your courage, you will miss out on what lies behind the fear. It's tough, and maybe the outcome will be tough, or maybe the outcome is the answer to the prayers you have been praying... either way, God WILL honor you and keep you!

 Because of her courage, she saved the lives of thousands . What could your courage do? 

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