Sunday, August 24, 2014

You don't need a lot, you have enough!

These words came out of my mouth yesterday as my two year old was trying to put lotion on in the bathroom. She's obsessed with lotion, and I felt like three squirts of her brother's lotion was plenty. As soon as I realized what I was saying to her, the light bulb went off in my head. She kept saying, "but I don't have a lot, momma!", which led to me saying, "You don't need a lot, you have enough!". Immediately I felt a little guilty on the inside. How many times have I thought that because I didn't have "a lot" of something, that I or it {the situation} wasn't good enough. I don't have "a lot" of things, and I don't need "a lot" of things. However, I have enough, and plenty at that. 

As an adult, and parent at that, if I don't grasp this concept my kids won't either. The last thing I want to hear my kids say and mean is the phrase, "that's not enough." It is enough when you're grateful for it. It is enough when you're down to your last twenty dollar bill and it does in fact last you the rest of the week, because you stewarded it well. It is enough when you look around and you realize you have everything you need, plus some. Now, I don't have all the clothes, money, shoes, jewelry, a girl could really want, but I have more than enough. 

Plus, it's truly not about having things. Those "things" are going to fade away some day and not matter. What I do have a lot of is love; a heavenly father who loves me unconditionally, a family to love, a husband and kids whom I love a lot, more than a lot actually. A Savior who has done more than A LOT for me, and you. A life that, most recently has had a lot of emotional situations, but watching God lead and direct it has been beyond amazing.  Peace... yeah, I have A LOT of peace, and that's the most stabilizing feeling in the world. Hope... I have a lot of that too. Grace... I have been given multitudes of amounts of grace, and I'm working on being better at extending it to others. 

What do you have a lot of? What do you not have a lot of? Is what you have enough? Think about it. 

When you realize God is all you have, you then realize He is {all} you need. He IS enough, and more than enough.