Sunday, November 29, 2009

There's a first time for everything...

Well. Here I go... sharing my heart, thoughts, stories, wisdom (ha!), and whatev's. I have always been better at writing down my feelings and thoughts rather than saying them, and it has always worked in my favor. I know, I know, it's better to not coward down and just out right say how you feel, but gosh darn it that is just too difficult sometimes! I haven't started this blog thing to use a grip session by any means, I just thought I would give a little insight to the world of me and how I work! Really. Making time to sit down and read my bible is so difficult somedays. But here lately I've tried to grab a pen and paper because it helps if I start writing out what I have read or sometimes right out my prayer rather than saying it. See, I told you! God understands, we're cool like that and as long as I say it out loud it's the same thing, right?! He knows my heart. Anyway... so I have notes and scratch pieces of paper tucked away that eventually get lost in the shuffle. Then I had the thought "why don't I start writing more... not just my daily devo stuff, but stuff in general." Olivia is constantly keeping me laughing, so why not share! Not that anyone else really cares. But why is it that we find ourselves so tangled up in other people's lives, blogs, or Facebook? Because (insert long pause) for some strange reason we do care. Maybe some people are just out right nosey, or we're all looking for something in each other that makes us feel a little better about ourselves. That can be a negative problem, but at the same time it can be beneficial. God has placed many people in my life that I have learned from and I'm so grateful for it.

Back to the real reason... I don't really know why I'm on the trend of "blogging" other than I just might have something to say. So watch out now!! I may be quiet, but I can talk a lot and real fast at that!