Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hey you... Yes, you.

Right now, right where you are in this moment. The mistakes you made yesterday, or this morning, or just now. The desires you have in your heart. The dreams you dream about. The things you think about all the time.

How you don’t feel good enough. Not qualified. You aren’t ready. You can’t. You think God can’t use a person like you because of what you just did, said, or how you reacted.
STOP. Just stop.

God wants you. God wants your messy self. God wants your mistakes. God wants your desires. God wants your dreams. God wants your thoughts. Because he thinks about you. He sees your messy life, he has seen the mistakes you’ve made, he knows your desires, he has seen your dreams. He is those things you are searching for but can’t find. STOP tearing yourself down, and start tearing your walls down. Those walls you guard around your heart because you’ve been hurt. Those walls you’ve built up because you screwed up royally yesterday and there’s NO way God can use you now. Those dreams you constantly get lost in through out your day because you’re so desperate for more of something. The things you think on that are tearing your down. The things you are doing to yourself that are harming you.
The hurt and anger you have towards God because your life isn’t fair. The bitterness you are trapped in because you are consumed with hate. The negativity that you allow in your life because you have stopped caring. The prison that you are locked up in because you think you’re alone.
You can point fingers at God all day in hate and doubt, or you can raise your arms in surrender because he is the ONLY one who can set you free. Free from yourself, your hate, your doubt, your prison, your thoughts, your dreams that never come true, your reactions, your mistakes.
Just for this moment let me be a modern day Moses to you. God wanted to use Moses in Exodus to free the Isrealites from slavery, and captivity. When Moses didn’t know what to tell the people, God told Moses to tell them:  “I am who I am.” And he said, “Say this to the people of Israel, ‘I am has sent me to you.’” (Exodus 3:14)
The I am has sent ME to you. Why? Because he has set ME free from all of those things.
The I AM – is your savior, your surrender, your source of strength, your help, your mistake corrector, your hurt healer, your confidence builder, your dream fulfiller, your EVERYTHING you will ever need.
God loves you, right where you are. God wants you, just like you are.   

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