Sunday, June 13, 2010

Showin' some love.

I have moments daily when God does something that grabs my attention and either makes me laugh, shed a tear or two, or go "hmm." I love it when that happens. I love how God is so personal that He notices me, and wants me. I love how I can carry a thought it my mind for a while and bam, there God is again confirming it through a song, a spoken word, and my favorite; reading about it during my devotional time! I love how God is so ever patient with me and teaches me patience when I try to be more like Him. Anndd it actually works :) I love that God makes an effort to communicate with me. I love it even more when it catches me off guard. I love it that God wants to meet the desires of my heart, and does. I love it when God puts something on my heart to do and the feeling of excitement that follows. I do not however, love it when Satan TRIES to make me fearful :). I love it that God's ways are higher than mine, and better too. I love it when I go to church and somehow God tells the pastor EVERYthing that's on my mind that I need and want to hear. I love how I am one person out of billions, but God makes me feel like I'm the only one.

I love this eventful journey that God has place my family on. I love that God has helped me to finally shut one door (and let go of the door knob) so I can fully focus my attention on what He has called us to now. I love the peace I find in this. I love the fact that God has completely removed me from my comfort zone... and, I love the fact that I'm finally ok with it :). I really love how as I type this, fear and doubt are trying their best to take over... but it's not working!

Guess that's enough love for now!

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