Monday, October 10, 2016

Life is about you.

We are all looking out of the same window called life. What are you doing about what you see? Have you thought about it? Do you feel compelled to do anything? Are you just living to make it? Are you lost in your purpose for living? Are you constantly looking for more? Are you anxious about doing something but scared to step out? Are you living for yourself or for others? What do you see? What do you want to see? What are you willing to do about it? 

It's so easy to get caught up in ourselves that we neglect the reason we really exist here. I don't know about you, but I don't want to just live for me. It's comfortable there, for sure but there is so much more to live for. So many more people to do for. So many more lives to reach. So many more problems than just my own.

What if my problems are meant to help someone else? What if my struggles are a lesson for others to learn from? What if my victories are a reflection of who Jesus really is? What if yours are too?

As a mom, my first priority to my kids is to show them Jesus in my words and in my actions. To help them develop a relationship with Him that is personal to them. Have I failed at times, miserably. He would do things so much differently than what I did, but I refuse to live in satan's guilt trap. And so should you. If you're there, you don't have to be. Get up, get in your word and keep overcoming. 

As a wife, my first priority to my husband is to love him with respect. (Notice I didn't say just love or just respect, it goes hand it hand). Have I failed him at times, far more than I want to admit. My position as his wife will be blessed and honored when I fulfill who I am called to be to him. Some days it's easy and some days it's not. We're human, we mess it up, but we forgive and keep trying. I don't know where you are in your role as a wife, but regardless of how you feel your husband should be treated, you best love him with respect. Men feel loved when respected, they aren't like us needy ladies who NEED to feel love by being loved. They are wired that way for a reason - embrace it, own it, and honor it! You're going to mess it up, just like he will but don't give up on each other. 

As a human being roaming this planet, my first priority is to know God and to make him known. To love God and love others. To serve God and to serve others. To make a difference in this world. None of which is possible when I am only focused on myself. Am I at times, big yes. I mean, it is so easy to focus on ourselves. We're full of stuff that we constantly have to battle and work through. It's easy to focus so much on ourselves that we forget about everyone else, and unselfishly at that. Although in today's culture we are selfish. In our appearances, our motives, you name it we live in a "selfie" generation. 
If the only thing you conquer in this life is your self, you've missed the entire point. 

While you and I make up a piece of the puzzle in this life it takes us ALL to put the puzzle together. 

We were created and put on this earth for a reason: to know God through relationship with his son; to raise up a standard against the enemy and his evil ways; to make God known to those who slip under the enemy's destructive and sinful trap which is all of us; and to worship God. 

Too often we get mad at God and blame him for the evil in this world. Too often we fail to see that satan's priority on this earth is to see evil prevail in our lives, our family, our schools, our government, and so on. While he seeks whom he can devour, as Christians our role is to seek those who need saved and rescued. We have a part to play. We have the power within is to do so, but if we just sit on it, it's useless.

It's easier to worry about what people say or think about us. I want people to talk about me because of the Jesus inside of me. I want people to feel compelled and challenged to do more. I want people to know they don't have to feel like the victim anymore. I want people to feel accepted despite their flaws and mistakes. I want people to know that sometimes I don't get it right. Sometimes, a lot of the time I don't get it right, but Jesus always does and in my faithfulness I'll begin to get it right more often than not. I want people to see that there is a need in this world and that they have a part to play. I want people to know that God has SO much more for their life if they'll just taste and see. I want people to know that satan wants to destroy them, but God wants to restore them. 

In this world we will always have trials, that's why Jesus came. He conquered them and overcame them - and in Him, you can too. 

Life is about you, but not ALL about you. What part are you playing? Have you discovered your part yet? What keeps holding you back? What keeps pushing you forward? 

Maybe you're waiting for the right time, but time doesn't wait on you... those minutes are going to keep ticking until the grand father of all clocks stops the time, and then it's too late. Your time is right now. My time is right now - see you just admitted it!

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